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Facts March 3, 2015

Evaluate your spending on English training

An English-language training program can be a significant cost for your company.

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Facts March 3, 2015

An English assessment is more than just a test

By instituting an English assessment, you set a standard of English that your employees must meet or exceed.

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Facts February 11, 2015

Your employees' English skills drive your company's success

Depending on your business objectives, you may find particular English skills to be of greater importance.

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Articles February 9, 2015

English Language in Today's Era

Language is the source of communication and communication is the tool for interacting with people in everyday life.

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Articles January 22, 2015

English as a Global Language

Today with the fast paced development of the economic sector and the phenomenon of rapid globalization seen in the last few years, there has been an enormous expansion in the field of English language learning, and there has been a massive need to learn the language.

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Articles August 27, 2014

Chile Expands English Language Learning Program

The Economic Ministry’s entrepreneurship agency, CORFO, presented its expanded English-learning program Tuesday, which provides scholarships for independent English courses.

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