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Facts October 29, 2014

English Is the Language of Science and Technology

What do information technology, healthcare, aviation, engineering, power and energy and all of the sciences have in common? They are all subjects that are almost universally communicated in English.

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Facts August 6, 2014

Government Mandates Promote English Worldwide

Nations with new federal programs designed to increase English proficiency.

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Facts June 4, 2014

English Helps Businesses Compete in the Global Marketplace

To survive and thrive in a global economy, companies must develop a strategy to overcome language barriers.

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Articles August 27, 2014

Chile Expands English Language Learning Program

The Economic Ministry’s entrepreneurship agency, CORFO, presented its expanded English-learning program Tuesday, which provides scholarships for independent English courses.

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Articles August 13, 2014

English a Must to Draw Global Talent

To prevail in the competition for global talent, Japanese companies must make themselves attractive to employees.

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Articles July 22, 2014

English Now the Most Common Language in Europe

English has squeezed out every other language in the competition to become the common tongue of Europe, an EU report confirmed yesterday.

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