Why English Matters

English Can Transform a Workforce


In today’s competitive global market, English skill is becoming as important as technical skill — and having an English-proficient workforce is a business imperative for international success. English helps companies unleash the full potential of their human capital by:

  • Increasing collaboration among colleagues
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Driving global growth

With this in mind, the creators of the TOEIC® Program developed a single, comprehensive resource dedicated to the impact of English proficiency on global business.


WhyEnglishMatters.com delivers the information that matters most

From our Documentary Series featuring leading multinational companies to facts and articles on English proficiency in the workplace, WhyEnglishMatters.com brings together helpful information for you and your company in one convenient place. 

Recognizing English proficiency as the new business imperative, how do you assess whether your workforce is as proficient as it should be?

The TOEIC® tests are the global standard for assessing English-language skills in the workplace

Assessment is an important step in ensuring the decisions you make — whom to recruit, hire, train, promote and retain — are the best for your company. The TOEIC® Program provides the world’s most comprehensive assessment of English for the workforce to help you make more informed decisions. The TOEIC® tests measure four key skills needed for effective communication in the workplace. Nearly 14,000 organizations in 150 countries trust the TOEIC® tests to inform talent management decisions.


Get the information you need to make the decisions that matter to you — and the success of your company.

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